trailing zero

trailing zero
нулевой байт в конце строки, конечный нуль
см. тж. leading zeros

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  • Trailing zero — In mathematics, trailing zeros are a sequence of 0s in the decimal representation (or more generally, in any positional representation) of a number, after which no other digits follow.Trailing zeros to the right of a decimal point, as in 12.3400 …   Wikipedia

  • Zero crossing — is a commonly used term in electronics, mathematics, and image processing. In mathematical terms, zero crossing basically means the changing of sign (e.g. from positive to negative), that is represented with a crossing of the axis (zero value) in …   Wikipedia

  • Trailing wheel — On a steam locomotive, a trailing wheel or trailing axle is an unpowered wheel or axle located behind the driving wheels. The axle of the trailing wheels were usually located on a trailing truck.Trailing wheels were used in some early locomotives …   Wikipedia

  • zero-lift chord — A chord taken through the trailing edge of an airfoil in the direction of the relative wind when the airfoil is at a zero lift angle of attack. See zero lift angle …   Aviation dictionary

  • zero-lift line — A line through an airfoil, along which the relative airflow produces zero lift. This line is drawn through the trailing edge of an airfoil parallel to the relative airflow when the lift generated by the airfoil is zero …   Aviation dictionary

  • Non-return-to-zero — The binary signal is encoded using rectangular pulse amplitude modulation with polar non return to zero code In telecommunication, a non return to zero (NRZ) line code is a binary code in which 1 s are represented by one significant condition… …   Wikipedia

  • Soulz at Zero — poster Flack had hanging on his bedroom wall at the time, with the trailing s in Souls changed to a z .In the early to mid 1990s, several ANSI art groups began including lits (short pieces of fiction or poetry) in their packs. Expanding on that… …   Wikipedia

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